Technical FAQs

Answers to the most common technical questions we receive.

This all depends on what you have had installed and what it is connected too. If it is connected to your phone line, then this will be ok. It will still be connected. However if you are connected to the internet, then the alarm system will not work until the internet has been connected again.

They both have their advantages. Wireless can be installed anywhere as long as you have a Wi-Fi connection and will have individual sensors but wired security systems are slightly more reliable. This can be upgraded in years to come by using the same wires which can be an advantage.

No it will not affect anything. You can still have wireless monitoring as this can be picked up by a transmitter near your home or premises by working from your mobile phone.

Yes, for us to install any kind of alarm systems, there will need to be some tiny holes made for the wiring to go through but nothing that will be noticeable.

We can ensure you that we will make as little mess as possible when we carry out any kind of work on your property and will clean and tidy up any mess before we leave.